Wedge Greene

TeleRenaissance  |  PolyArchitect | Syscosm | Autonomics


In a distinguished and varied career, Wedge Greene has acquired a variety of skills. He uses his diversity and slant toward creative approaches to meet the challenges placed before him by clients in government, telecommunications, information technology suported enterprises. Wedge:

  • Is a technical software architect and strategic business analyst; helping government and corporate clients with IT strategy, software architecture, product selection, development and deployment. See Consulting.

  • Designs secure and survivable networks and software systems. See Autonomics.

  • Is an established analyst and writer on telecom policy and emerging software technologies. Current: see Pipeline Publications. Archives: see Articles.
Wedge swaps hats as needed. He is valuable as a product inventor, business analyst, systems architect, industry analyst, or in marketing communications. He can inspire and lead a top development team or be comfortable supporting large organizations as a strategic individual contributor.


As of Jan 1st 2016, Wedge is again independently consulting. He would be pleased to discuss your project needs for government and enterprise clients in the areas of IoT, Cloud Computing, SDDC, telecommunications support systems and standards for large enterprise networks.

Wedge has a new article series at Pipeline Publications starting with the November 2015 issue. IoT Noir tells a story of future technology in monthly episodes.


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