Wedge Greene

TeleRenaissance  |  PolyArchitect | Syscosm | Autonomics


Collaborative and Autonomic Services in the Transformation of Telecom

A series of linked articles bundled into three volumes setting a new future for telecom.

TeleGenesis: Evolving Product Delivery

Traditional product development worked, but cannot compete with today’s Over the Top Service mashups. Learn to develop collaborative products using collaborative approaches.

NPI for Life: Collaborate for Better Products (best practice)

Over the Top Services (market changes)    

Service Delivery Frameworks: The Service Provider’s Mashup (service provider answer)

Edge/Core Collaboration: Navigating the Ocean  (new approach)

From Walled Garden to Community Garden: Collaborating in a Competitive World (new business model)

Cloud Control: Strategic Implications of Cloud Computing (next generation infrastructure)

Value and Price for Cloud Transition (strategic pricing policy)

Strategy in a Cloud of Apps (new service delivery model)

Project Management 2.0 (refreshing how things get built and deployed)

TeleGaia: NGOSS, Autonomic Communications, and the Service Ecosystem

World is becoming “one big ball of software.” Network management architectures are changing to better fit today’s needs.  Future proof against the approaching telecom singularity by applying distributed service architectures and Autonomic Communications in order to automate networks and deliver new collaborative services. 

The New Telecom Ecosystem - Part 1 & Part 2 (personal history)

NGOSS is the New Mainstream

Autonomic QoS & Collaboration Systems

Complexity in the Business and Management of IPTV

Autonomic Networks - Autonomic Communication (network)

Self-* Networks: Helping Networks Help Themselves (software)

The co-Evolution of Networks and Devices: Autonomics and Device Management

Syncommunity: Strategy in Service Provider Evolution

All your actions, planned or unintended, lead to service provider change.  Proactively plan for this and take charge of change in order to evolve and win in tomorrow’s collaborative marketplace.

Unintended Consequences

Carrier-Grade: Five Nines, the Myth and the Reality

I Got Them Last Mile Blues

Buying Telecom Futures

Avoiding Future Schlock - The Real Life Application of Game Theory

Who's Your Daddy? - The Characteristics and Drivers of Fixed Mobile Convergence

Architects Anonymous: Rehab for Telecom


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