Wedge Greene

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"Autonomic Communication (AC) - a new communication paradigm to assist the evolution of communication networks towards functional adaptability, extensibility and resilience to a wide range of possible faults and attacks. Special emphasis is given on the grounding principles to achieve purposeful behavior on top of self-organization (including self-management, self-healing, self-awareness, etc.) … in its interaction with numerous often-dynamic network groups and communities. The goals are to understand how autonomic behaviors are learned, influenced or changed, and how, in turn, these affect other elements, groups and the network.
[http://www.autonomic-communication. org/Annales/]

At its core, Autonomic Networks change our whole concept of ‘what is a network’, ‘where are the corporate boundaries’, and ‘what is network and service management’ - radically. Some of these principles are so compelling (such as discovery and self-configuration) that we are implementing them today even as our incomplete understanding of them improves year over year. But to truly understand and manage our existing and future networks, we need to see them as complex, organized, evolving systems and develop a ‘top down’ approach to controlling the transition of the existing network toward more autonomics. To make this practical concept a reality, we need (1) a well understood picture of how things actually work, (2) a set of clearly explicated goals, and (3) a set of plans and processes which provide for a practical transition from what we have to what we can see will be better.

Autonomic Networks - Autonomic Communication
by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster


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