Wedge Greene

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Volunteer Civic Work (1997-2008)

1997 – 1998    Fairview Commercial Development and Planning Commission

As Vice-chair, Mr. Greene ran the town survey to determine citizen input to the use and structure of the Commercial development district.  He then led the design efforts and wrote the first Commercial Development Plan document which included basic design and requirements for use of over 1100 acres of commercial zoning.

1998 – 2004    Fairview Planning and Zoning Commission; Commissioner and Chairman.

Mr. Greene was appointed to the Planning commission to continue the planning process for the Commercial district.  He led town efforts to select and secure a planning contractor; eventually Mesa Design Group was selected.  Mr. Greene worked extensively with Mesa to insure the design requirements for the town were met and passed by the Council.  The design produced by Mesa eventually won the AA best municipal design award of the year and Mr. Greene accompanied Mesa to the annual AA planning meetings to receive this award.  Mr. Greene was selected “Volunteer of the Year” in Fairview in 1999.  In addition:

  • Mr. Greene worked extensively on the design and negotiation of Fairview’s first PD for Heritage Ranch.  This 500 acre active adult community is a landmark for design and successful development in the area.
  • Mr Greene spearheaded the first “dark sky” lighting ordnance.
  • Mr. Greene got the first green development ordnances passed.  He also saw the Wilson Creek area designated as an environmental protection overlay zone.
  • Mr. Greene worked on two Town Comprehensive Plans.  He worked with town staff on utility needs surveys and designs.
  • Mr. Greene represented the town at North Dallas regional P&Z conferences.
  • Eventually, Mr. Greene served a term as Chairman of P&Z.
  • Town grown went from 2000 to over 5000 during this period. Many developments were established.  Eventually a town charter was created and passed.

2006 – Present                        Fairview Telecommunications Advisory Committee

Mr. Greene joined this committee at its creation, one of the first telecom committee’s in the area.  This committee works on town communications needs as well as those of the residents.  The committee worked to survey needs and then to negotiate with major providers to better serve the town area.  We helped convert Fairview residence service from low speed wireless to near comprehensive DSL and eventually to being on the near term list for AT&T U-verse fiber and video service.    The committee charter was recently extended to include reviewing and recommending all utility structures for the town; as such we review lighting and power requirements of the community.


2009                            Lovejoy High School Extreme Engineering Booster Club

Officer:  Secretary. Scorekeeper for VEX competition.