Wedge Greene

TeleRenaissance  |  PolyArchitect | Syscosm | Autonomics


Wedge’s primary emphasis is on strategic thinking and he is passionate about leveraging technology, policy, and processes to drive new business initiatives.  For Wedge, the foremost task is discovering your organization’s ideal business facilitators. As an agent of change, Wedge  thrives on finding opportunities for extracting value using state-of-the-art technology and then proceeds to plan and implement solutions.   Wedge works across-the-board with management, frontline staff, and customers - helping them solve problems with well reasoned approaches - always supported by sound architecture and formal methodologies.  He can deploy into a chaotic situation, quickly ascertain what your business needs most from technology or process, and then starts your team collaborating on building successful fusions of processes, advanced software, platforms, and telecommunications.


Recent Consulting Projects

Five years consulting at USA DoD DISA 2010-2015 on advanced technology, support systems, cloud, collaboration, SDDC, and messaging systems .

Created specialized, subject expert consulting practice, 2008: Performed market need assessment, created service description, recruited SMEs for NGOSS/Frameworx practice.

Strategic Architect and Analyst – major platform equipment and software vendor, 2007: Developing service provider perspective for new product introductions.

Strategic Specialist – major telecom equipment vendor & major American service provider, 2007: Created service product design for 3GPP QoS Service; Created Marketing Services Description (MSD).

Strategic Specialist – Argument & research for expert witness, 2006.

Process and knowledge engineering,    2006 – 2007: Designed process creation and process documentation for new practice in Enterprise Information Management; Researched and documented process flows in the discovery and redaction of information for a major legal case.

Strategic Specialist – Large distribution & direct market retailer, 2006: Designed full technology solution for integrated, multi-channel Contact Center; Designed integration into business units via new CRM system.


Business Analyst: experienced in process design & improvement – requirement’s capture, goal assessments, process documentation, implementation planning, product evaluation, roll out, and trial operations. TL9000 & Six Sigma. Provides eTOM and SID extensions.

Systems Architect: UML, SysML, UMTS tools; experienced in application design, improvement and integration; product architecture: feature creation, specification, implementation, test, and delivery.

Data Architect: experienced in semantics, data modeling, and data driven integration.

Strategic Analysis and Product Marketing: opertunity assessment, problem identification, decision analysis, decision trees, risk assessment, mind maps, knowledge theory, value chain, competition matrix, affinity diagrams, authority identification, prioritization, project charters, product plans and gates.

Enterprise IT management: infrastructure design, re-engineering, process and tool improvement – SaaS, SOA, service level design, shared services design, service communication & integration, security, & survivability.

Experienced with asset creation, valuation, and defense – security assessments and plans, business analysis, business cases, business plans, due diligence, data & IT audits, litigation research & expert witness.

Communications: strong verbal and writing skills – ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization; ability to capture and engage audiences; appearances in trade journals, analysts reports, web-media and corporate TV; established audiences following his print publications and newsletters; white papers; book collaborator, & ghost writer.


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