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I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with the way your piece, The Semantic Dialogues, turned out. you said, “market-fiction is a vigorous new viral-marketing approach,” and you were right on the money.

The Semantic Dialogues was meant to appeal to prospects in the Telecommunications industry and your in-depth knowledge of that world is evident throughout the story. You created characters that resonate with their real life counterparts, and told a story that reflects a near-universal struggle to make IT reflect the business.

Comments from readers have reinforced that. One said, “The Semantic Dialogues was an interesting read (some cold comfort that the issues that I deal with every day are not unique)…” and another observed the story was “…depicting the real-life world, practically in every industry.”

One final note of interest is that since the issues the cast of characters deal with are fundamental to achieving data interoperability, the story has found a broader audience than Telco. Your unique ability to capture the voice of the personalities involved made this story accessible to a broad spectrum of IT people in a wide range of industries. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece.

Sincerely, Judy Mintz, Director of Marketing, DXO Progress Software

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You should speak with Wedge Greene at Wedge is the best network management systems designer and architect that I have ever met. Including Vint Cerf, whom Wedge and I both worked for in the past.

Best of luck to you,
Michael Dundon
Posted by Michael Dundon

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“I highly recommend Wedge Greene for ghost writing, editing and using his creative ideas for turning traditional non-fiction books and newsletters into powerful analogies and examples that drive home the point you are trying to communicate to your audience. Wedge understands the points you want to make a brings it to the next level with his creative writing style!” September 19, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative

Stu Schlackman
hired Wedge as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Wedge more than once

“Wedge is intelligent, detailed and a pleasure to work with. Together our creativity is magnified and I highly recommend him!” October 20, 2008

Tom Silvestro , President , Intelitech International, Inc.
was with another company when working with Wedge at LTC International

“Wedge is a very intelligent individual who is always able to come up with unique approaches to solving new problems. He thrives in environments that have a lot of complexity and need new insights for adapting to change. Wedge is able to express his ideas with enthusiasm, and was always considered a valuable member of the team. People, including myself, would always go to Wedge for his insight and opinions on how to tackle new problems.” September 23, 2008

JERALD MURPHY , Senior Manager , MCI
worked directly with Wedge at LTC International

“Wedge Greene is a great industry expert and provided excellent advice on strategy related to product positioning and needs. If you need to solve a next generation telecommunications issue, need to develop a strategy for your BSS/OSS, or need deep subject matter expertise, Wedge is the person that can help you and your company. Whether you are a telecommunications concern, telecommunications equipment provider, or a software provider for the telecommunications industry, you will find Wedge's knowledge and insight extremely valuable. I have worked with Wedge twice and give him my highest recommendation.” September 19, 2008

Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity

Timothy Culver
hired Wedge as a Business Consultant in 2008

“Wedge has a deep and thorough understanding of the telecommunications market he serves. His work in the area of Autonomic Communications demonstrates his ability to couple that knowledge with innovative insight into the future of networking and computing.” September 18, 2008

Mark Dixon , Solution Strategist, Americas Software Practice , Sun Microsystems
was with another company when working with Wedge at LTC International

“Wedge can walk into an operations group, look around/ask a few questions and then be able to write up their strengths, weaknesses and propose a strategic direction to off set these. I partnered with Wedge to establish FineGrain Networks. His product ideas were powerful and captivating if perhaps ahead of their time.” November 16, 2008

Elliot C.R. Cook , Development Director , McCann - Erickson Worldwide
worked directly with Wedge at FineGrain Networks, Ltd.

“Wedge is one of the brightest strategic thinkers that I have worked with in the telcom industry. His knowledge is wide and deep about network architecture, OSS systems and technology in general. Before the meltdown of the telcom industry, Enron, and MCI Worldcom, he and I were working together to create simple and reliable mechanism for competing carriers to exchange bandwidth capacity between one another on-demand to the benefit of all. So much has been lost because of the chicanery of a few. I look forward to working with Wedge again sometime in the future should the opportunity arise.” September 19, 2008

Mike Golden , CTO & Sr VP, Global Network Services , Enron Broadband Services
was with another company when working with Wedge at FineGrain Networks, Ltd.

“Over the past 15 years, I have worked with Wedge in many situations (as a team member, hired him as a consultant, as the primary interface between companies) and in each and every instance, Wedge has delivered the highest standards of performance and quality of service anyone could expect to receive. I solidly recommend Wedge for service in any of these situations.” September 19, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Jerry McDowell
hired Wedge as a IT Consultant in 2007

“Wedge has superior academic and professional accomplishments. For example, anyone working in telecom who knows Wedge is aware of his passion for architecture and his development of standards for next generation operational support systems. Wedge is solutions driven. Wedge is the leader type who inspires inputs from all relevant sources, understands them, and processes them for the most appropriate solution. Wedge understands technology better than anyone I know. And Wedge is driven to stay abreast of the latest developments, using the most appropriate tool for developing solutions. Wedge is a service-driven solution provider, always keeping the user in mind.” September 18, 2008

Ed White , Senior Engineer , Verizon
worked with Wedge at FineGrain Networks, Ltd.

“I’ve known Wedge Greene for a number of years and he is well respected in the fields of IT and Telecommunications. I’ve done some work with Wedge related to FineGrain Networks. Wedge is very knowledgeable and detail oriented making him a very good IT/Telecom architect.” September 17, 2008

Jim Deerman , Consultant , Deerman Consulting
was with another company when working with Wedge at FineGrain Networks, Ltd.

“Excellent at developing OS concepts and in putting together and managing code development team to test and implement these concepts.” January 26, 2009

Chuck Mullins , Mgr Advanced Network Architecture , MCi
worked directly with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Mr. Greene is one of the most talented people I have met. Mr. Greene worked with network management systems during the period I was deploying inaugural data networks. Developing effective network management and provisioning systems was key. His incisive ability to think through issues and develop effective solutions is extraordinary.” November 20, 2008

Guy Huntley , Sr. Manager , Verizon Business, MCI
worked with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is a visionary. When I met him at MCI Worldcom, he was recruiting partners that could understand his vision of where systems needed to go to support ever increasing volumes and SLAs, etc. He educated all of us, he made us share his passion and above all he made it happen. Nobody trusted we could make it real but he never doubted it. I am not easily impressed. Wedge impressed me. I have a great deal of respect for his talent and the kindness with which he treats people around him.” October 24, 2008

Carole-Ann Berlioz-Matignon , Director, Product Management , HNC Software
was a consultant or contractor to Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“I have known Wedge since year 2000, we first worked as peers at the TeleManagement forum while he was at the MCI WorldCom, what a brilliant mind! His thoughts are usually several years ahead of the industry and always being able to articulate very complex subjects with clarity and insightful thoughts to stimulate the readers. We have been in contact ever since then; Wedge is someone whom I will always look upon for new knowledge and new learning.” October 16, 2008

Jenny Huang , Enterprise Architect and Standards Strategist , AT&T Labs
worked with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is a true visionary and genuine change agent. He's also a pleasure to work with.” October 14, 2008

Richard Whitehead , VP Strategic Technologies , Micromuse Inc.
was with another company when working with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is a brilliant theorist, architect and designer of network operational support systems and data structures driving the cutting edge of the Internet and other communications systems. His ability to relate his visions to others, and implement them into real-time systems is most impressive. He has my highest recommendation.” October 6, 2008

Doug Meyer , Sr. Manager , MCI/UUNET
worked with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is a great guy to work with. He has a great grasp of technology and what is needed by users. He has passion and strong opinions on good architecture, with a stong sense of "doing what is right". I look forward to future opportunities to work with Wedge!” September 25, 2008

Rob Frye , Senior Network Management Architect , MCI
worked with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“I know Wedge best from his work in my organization at MCI. In that capacity Wedge was responsible for conceiving, architecting, and then developing an extremely forward looking software platform, which was cutting edge at the time, and still serves today as a model for an operating management system deployed by MCI, now Verizon Business. In that program he worked extremely efficiently, with limited resource, and delivered a product that far exceeded my expectations. In the process Wedge also created a significant portfolio of Intellectual Property that was both broad, and deep. Wedge is innovative, highly intelligent, and possesses an extremely strong work ethic.” September 23, 2008

Jack Wimmer , Vice President , MCI
managed Wedge indirectly at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is a very technical/detail-oriented manager who can manage the software project and deliver the project on time and under the budget. He also has a strategic vision in the future software technology, especially in the area of telecom enterprise network management.” September 21, 2008

Kelvin Chen , Data warehouse consultant , bcs
reported to Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge created an atmosphere of innovation and creativity. I have worked for many organizations and managers that claim to foster a creative environment, but few actually deliver. Wedge Greene delivered as can be attested by the number of patents and patent applications which were awarded to the team. Working on the NGOSS project at Worldcom under Wedge has been one of the highlights of my career.” September 19, 2008

Chris Stillwell , Consultant Senior , EDS
reported to Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Working with Wedge at MCI was a lot of fun. We tackled some serious technical issues and built some outstanding Operational Support Systems. Wedge took his work seriously and intently, and was concerned about not only making things work but making them work the right way and developing and contributing to the appropriate standards.” September 19, 2008

Erik Fretheim , Senior Manager , MCI
worked directly with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is a visionary with just the right balance of innovation and down to earth practicality to make wonderful things happen. I loved working for/with him.” September 18, 2008

Zsolt Lukacs , software engineer , WorldCom
reported to Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge Green is a very capable engineer and a highly motivated individual. His strengths include interest for new technologies and the drive to see them implemented to promote the company's business. Wedge Green has both theoretical insight combined with hands-on practical experience to make the most of his expertise in network management; as one of his areas of expertise.” September 18, 2008

Henry Sinnreich , Fellow , MCI
worked with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“I worked with Wedge when he was in MCI and I was chief designer for Concert, the MCI/BT joint venture. I found him knowledgeable and innovative in the field of network management in particular and OSS in general.” September 18, 2008

Mick Reeve , Group Technology Officer , BT
worked with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“I have worked with Wedge Greene for a number of years as members of the Board of Directors of TM Forum. Wedge provides a very rare combination of technical knowledge, delivery capabilities and wide business view and he has been on of the most influencing personality on the next generation OSS/BSS approach.” September 18, 2008

Enrico Bagnasco , Head of OSS Innovation , Telecom Italia Lab
was with another company when working with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge Greene is one of the deepest thinkers I know about software technology in the Communications Software space. Although he and I often disagreed about the details of the direction that SW should take, the discussions were always spirited, deep, and interesting. He is one of the best thinkers in our business.” September 18, 2008

Mark Mortensen , CMO & Snr. VP Prod. Mgmt. , Granite Systems
was with another company when working with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge was one of the earliest to seek to implement self-healing, large-scale distributed systems into the OSS world of Telecoms. He was a great evnagelist for our industry in the days before this approach became mainstream in what is now SOA. Wedge was an inspriation to us and gave us tremdous feedback and assistance on our product and on how to position it for the telecoms market. I would certainly work with Wedge again and would highly recommend him to any needing the practical experience of having implemented these new approaches within large-scale systems.” September 18, 2008

James Love , CEO , IntaMission Ltd
was a consultant or contractor to Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is among the strongest innovators I've worked with. He knows how to make telco operations systems sing, and is willing to work unbelievably hard to convince vendors and partners of great ways to work together. He doesn't walk off the cutting edge, but he does help to define it.” September 17, 2008

Rick Cobb , Senior Product Manager , Dorado Software
was with another company when working with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge had done oustanding research on the next generation OSS architecture. His thinking was clearly a breakthrough . at the time we served together on the TM Forum bard of Directors. Wedge could see the ugent need for the TM forum to engage with the architectural change and wsable to get the attention of the Board. The TM Forum NGOSS standards ae the result.” September 17, 2008

Toni Graham , R&D Manager , Hewlett Packard
was with another company when working with Wedge at MCI Worldcom

“Wedge is a creative architect with a strong knowledge base and a can do attitude.” span> SeSeptember 17, 2008

Steve Tabaska , DIrector, Engineering , WilTel
managed Wedge indirectly at MCI Worldcom