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These patents constitute the collective invention of the “Service Ecosystem” and specifically cover SOA architecture directed at telecom based data grids & service grids and provide for the re-engineering of OSS and BSS applications.  They foreshadow the current trend called "Cloud Computing".

# 6868441

Method And System For Implementing A Global Ecosystem Of Interrelated Services

# 6922685

Method And System For Managing Partitioned Data Resources

# 7194543


System and method for creating and managing survivable, service hosting networks

# 7401131

Method and system for implementing improved containers in a global ecosystem of interrelated services

# 7428723

Aggregating Related Events Into A Single Bundle Of Events With Incorporation Of Bundle Into Work Protocol Based On Rules

# 7802264

Method and system for implementing a databus in a global ecosystem of interrelated services

These patents were all created as part of the NewWave Project with my partner James Robertson. [For more on NewWave, see the FineGrain NGOSS video.] These patents are assigned to MCI and its successors (Verizon). Six more associated pending patents are outstanding at various stages of approval.  Specifics in the right column.

Unassigned Patent Applications

2 unassigned pending patents in Supply Chain tracking and security are suspended pending underwriting for revised filing fees.


System and method for use of mobile policy agents and local services, within a geographically distributed service grid, to provide greater security via local intelligence and life-cycle management for RFlD tagged items


Providing secure data and policy exchange between domains in a multi-domain grid by use of a service ecosystem facilitating uses such as supply-chain integration with RIFD tagged items and barcodes