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William S Greene is known by the nickname ‘Wedge’.  Wedge is a motivated, customer focused, strategic business analyst, systems architect, and technology leader with thirty years experience in IT: Defense, Telecommunications, and Supply Chain. Wedge is known for out-of-the-box problem solving skills, strategic planning, and strong communication.

USA DoD Secret Clearence.

Skills and Specialist Knowledge

Team leader able to attract and motivate top producers in the industry.  History of success.  Delivery oriented.

Business Analyst: experienced in process design & improvement – requirement’s capture, goal assessments, process documentation, implementation planning, product evaluation, roll out, and trial operations. TL9000 & Six Sigma. Provides eTOM and SID extensions.

Systems Architect: experienced in application design, improvement and integration; product architecture: feature creation, specification, implementation, test, and delivery.

Data Architect: experienced in semantics, data modeling, and data driven integration.

Strategic Analysis and Product Marketing: problem identification, decision analysis, decision trees, risk assessment, mind maps, knowledge theory, value chain, competition matrix, affinity diagrams, prioritization, project charters, product plans and gates.

Enterprise IT management: infrastructure design, re-engineering, process and tool improvement – SaaS, SOA, service level design, shared services design, service communication & integration, security, & survivability.

Inventor – 9 patents with hundreds of claims on products, support architectures, operations designs.

Experienced with asset creation, valuation, and defense – business analysis, business cases, business plans, due diligence, data & IT audits, litigation research & expert witness.

Industry analyst with over 100,000 words in 25+ published articles.

Communications: strong verbal and writing skills – ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization; ability to capture and engage audiences; appearances in trade journals, analysts reports, web-media and corporate TV; established audiences following his print publications and newsletters; white papers; book collaborator, ghost writer & editing reader.

Project Management support: project logistics: project justification; focus-groups; costing of products, services, and development; manpower estimation; milestone creation; and project governance. Creation of test plans and quality programs.

Systems and business knowledge across nearly all areas of telecommunications: networks, routing, signaling, protocols, architecture, processes, operations, and services.

Consulting for USA DoD DISA from 2010-2015.

Pre-Defense Consulting Projects

Created specialized, subject expert consulting practice, 2008: Performed market need assessment, created service description, recruited SMEs for NGOSS practice

Strategic Architect and Analyst – major platform equipment and software vendor, 2007: Developing service provider perspective for new product introductions

Strategic Specialist – major telecom equipment vendor & major American service provider, 2007: Created service product design for 3GPP UMTS Release 7 QoS Service; Created Marketing Services Description (MSD)

Strategic Specialist – Research for legal expert witness, 2006

Process and knowledge engineering,    2006 – 2007: Designed process creation and process documentation for new practice in Enterprise Information Management; Researched and documented process flows in the discovery and redaction of information for a major legal case.

Strategic Specialist – Large distribution & direct market retailer, 2006: Designed full technology solution for integrated, multi-channel Contact Center; Designed integration into business units via new CRM system.


Career Employment (30 Year Career)

Soliel LLC (Dec 2010 - Dec 2015)

Director, Network Management: providing service designs and integration architectures for government and enterprise clients. []

CollinWeb LLC / FineGrain Associates (Dec 2008 - Nov 2010)

Managing Director providing consulting services for telecom vendors, enterprise service, and startup companies. []

LTC International, Richardson, TX  (June 2006 – Nov 2008) since transitioned to board advisor

Strategic Analyst & Chief Architect: executive consulting marketed by LTC; business development; industry analyst and writer. LTC Clients are confidential.  []

FineGrain Networks, Ltd, Dallas, TX  (Aug 2004 – May 2006)

CTO and Founder of an early stage startup with seed funding from Seven Rosen Bayless.  FineGrain was building Collaborative SOA applications for service grids. []

Mission Assurance Corporation, NYC (Sept 2002 – July 2004)

CTO of Mission Assurance Corp.  Designed the technology, products, and most documentation for this startup in RFID Middleware and supply chain integration. []

12 years continuous employment via mergers and seconding at MCI, BT, Concert, WorldCom:

WorldCom, Inc, Richardson, TX (1998–2002)

Distinguished Technical Member

Architect Next Generation Operating Support Systems:

Member of architecture and advanced technology team, first to see and lead new technology and innovations from vendors, startups, and internal development.

Designed and lead new technology demonstrations and introductions.

Prepared short- and long-term implementation plans.

Invented OSS, QoS designs, network management, and distributed application and data hosting technology and led development teams.

Represented WorldCom at standards, forums and conferences.  Highly requested speaker.

Concert PLC, Ipswich, England & Richardson, TX (1998)

Chief Architect: Systems, Multimedia and Data Division

Responsible for product services and support systems architecture for all data and media networks and services of the combined companies; planning the final stage of the international merger of MCI and BT leading up to staff responsibilities at completion. 

MCI, Richardson, TX  (1993 – 1998)

Advisory Engineer: promoted from Senior Engineer I to Senior Engineer II to Advisory Engineer.

Responsible for OSS architecture of Next Generation Networks (NGN) and support systems for NGN products:

Original member of the inventing NGN team, led NGN-OSS Management Task Force.

Original member of MCI Data, helped design and build private line networks, switch circuit networks, MCI Frame Relay, MCI ATM, and Internet MCI.  Leader or chief architect for network management, fault management, provisioning, & performance management teams.

Advancement tagged rotation through Operations, Network Engineering, & Advanced Intelligent Networks organizations. 

MCI representative to ATM Forum, IETF, and Network Management forum.

Frequently attached to Concert (BT & MCI joint venture) providing support architecture for Concert, Concert PLC and Concert partners and startups.

Selected ‘best engineer at MCI’ in 1996 by BT and MCI senior engineering executives. Winner of best presentation and paper (information model development and service management re-engineering) at 1st Annual Alliance Engineering Symposium (BT, MCI and Concert partners) 1996.  Winner “Excellence in Engineering” highest MCI engineering award, 1996.

Extensive prior work in IT and Communications from 1980 to 1997.


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