Wedge Greene

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Talks, Papers, & Honors (1993-2000)


·         October: TeleManagement World, Las Vegas. Three talks:  NGOSS section of day long TeleManagement Forum University course on Policy.  Chair of panel and talk on Distributed Service Architectures for Operation System Software.  Keynote panel on Operations From The Trenches.

·         September. Keynote speaker at ICM NGOSS conference in Colorado.  Talk on Defining the New Generation Network OSS.

·         July: ICM conference Next Generation IP Support.  Talk on Defining the New Generation Network OSS.

·         May: TeleManagement World, Nice France. Three talks:  Future of management section of day long TeleManagement Forum University course on Policy.  Talk on NewWave - Disruptive OSS which included recorded demo of the MOC.  NGOSS focus talk for launching TMF NGOSS program.

·         April: JavaOne (Sun Java user’s conference).  BOF: NewWave Network Management: Using Jini to Support New Generation Operations Support Systems, This was the first known public talk on what became known as Enterprise Jini.

·         March: Global TMN conference.  Speaker in two sessions: Requirements for Tomorrow's Integrated Network. & Redefining Support Systems to provide for large scale QoS (Next Generation Operations Support Systems).

·         January: IBC NSM Conference London.  Keynote and wrap up speaker.  Two sessions:   Structuring The Network At The Core Of Your Organization & Defining NG OSS (Next Generation Operations Support Systems).


·         September. Chaired 2 day NGOSS conference at Telecoms Operational Support Systems 1999; speaker on NG OSS, a real-time OSS, panel lead on NGN SLAs.  This was the very first NGOSS conference.


·         Ghost  wrote section 7 covering ATM management of David McDysan’s book, ATM Theory and Applications, Signature Edition, McGraw Hill 1998.

·         Chaired the session  Network/System Reliability and Survivability at NOMS98, the major, biannual conference on Operations and Support Systems.  His treatment was so well received, he was asked to consider teaching a seminar on chairing panels in the follow on conference in two years.

·         Developed and chaired the half day session Operational Support Systems for Differentiated Service Provisioning, at Integrated Broadband Networks 98. This involved selecting five speakers and organizing the overall content and delivery of the session.  Received Very Good overall rating from attendant’s surveys and strong feedback from speakers.

·         Presented the talk, Operational Support Requirements and Architecture for Management of Differentiated Service Levels at Integrated Broadband Networks 98.  Received excellent feedback from attendees.

·         Developed (overnight) and helped present a day tutorial on Engineering and Managing End-to-End Quality of Service at IBN 98. Well received.

·         Presented the talk, Building Network Operations Centers from IP Calls Center Technology at the 1998 TeleManagement World, the NM Forum conference.  This was described, by TMW Operations area director, in the conference wrap up as most significant and interesting talk of the conference.


·         Speaker at NCF97 on “Real World ATM Management”



·         Winner of best presentation and paper (information model development and service management re-engineering) at 1st Annual Alliance Engineering Symposium (BT, MCI and partners) hosted by BT, 1996. 

·         Winner “Excellence in Engineering” highest award (MCI engineering award) 1996.

·         Chair of the “SNMP in Service Management Workshop” at the 1996 NMF General Meeting.  Speakers included Case, Waldbusser, Watt and other eminent IETF standards developers.


·         Presented at Enterprise Management Summit; 1995 “Black Art of Performance Management” & 1994 “Building Real World Performance Management Systems.”  In 1994 was most attended technical session and highest rated individual speaker by attending users.

·         Appointment based on personal merit to Network Management Forums (NMF) technical directorate, the OmniPoint Steering Group.  MCI’s acting Senior Technical Representative to NMF, senior member of Service Provider to Service Provider Trouble Ticketing and of InfoMod (Information modeling).  Active in Customer to Service Provider Trouble Ticketing, Performance and Ordering working groups and session presentations.

·         MCI's representative to the ATM Forum Network Management technical committee for M4 & M5; and to Signaling committee for UNI 3.0 and 3.1.